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I Will Survive

Another school year has started and it's almost back to normal with the IT work flow. Almost...

There has been lots of knitting and spinning. Some traveling. And a bit more traveling coming up.

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Perfect Day

It's a perfect fall day. Knitting and listening to Packers football. Enjoying my vacation, visiting with my daughter and the 3 grandkids.



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Spinning Out of Control

I've gotten lost in a world of spinning. Yes, I said spinning, of the "making my own yarn" - type. I recently returned to Sweden from Nashville, where I participated in the Super Summer Knitogether that was organized by Laura and Leslie of The Knitgirllls and Carin from Round the Twist with Carin, two videocasts that I watch regularly. Yes, I still knit, so spinning is just one step further in my obsession fiber hobby. Nashville was an American version of Stickfest i Väst that I attend in Sweden and *Knit Nation that I have volunteered at the past 2 years in London.

In any case, I had a great time in Nashville meeting other obsessed crazies knitters and spinners that enjoy the craft as much as I do!

Of course, I spent several days visiting with my daughter, son-in-law, and my lovely and clever grandchildren! Grandbaby #3 is due soon, so I will be making a 2nd trip to visit them later this year.

Now to share with you a small portion of my spinning exploits.

P7120002 tdf16 P7070001

P7070002 P7060001 Untitled

Untitled P6060004 P3140003

*Knit Nation is not happening this year due to some kind of sporting event being held in London this summer.

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I know that it's been a long, long time...

Sorry that I have been MIA since before Christmas. Life has been busy, especially on the work front the past several months.

I see that in March there have been a couple of lonely posts, just 2 pictures of socks in progress. Yes, yes, I am once again in the throes of Sock Madness. This is the 6th year that the event has been held, but only the 5th year that I have participated. Rounds 1 and 2 are completed, the 2 photos that I posted are those pairs of socks in progress. As of this writing, 160 competitors of the 300 that started at the beginning of March are waiting on the specifications for the Round 3 socks, so that we can start knitting like mad for the 3rd time. We took a bit of a break over Easter, as they released the optional round pattern last Wednesday.

I've been doing a bit of spinning. I am thoroughly enjoying learning new techniques and getting to know my wheel. I've even knit a thing or two out of my own hand spun yarn. Like this Hitchhiker Shawl.

PC310003 PC310004

I've also spun the following yarn, using a technique called navajo plying. It helps to keep the colors together. I was thrilled with the way it came out! The batt (the unspun fiber) is from Loop - Art Fibers for Fiber Artists. Very addictive!

P3140001 P3140003

At work, lots of things happening! The IT Department is a changin'. I'll still be mainly responsible for the school where I currently work, but my position will be moving out from under the school's jurisdiction to the municipality's IT Department. Instead of having 0 co-workers, I will have 4. Standardization and effectivisation are the upcoming tasks, along with the physical move of my main workspace out of the school and down to the municipality's offices. I will still have a small storage and workspace at school and that feels good.

One good thing about still being connected to the school is that they have given me permission to use it again this year for my almost annual American BBQ. I hope to lock down the date this week. I'm also planning to have a knitting get away that same weekend. So, watch this space for more info!

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SM6rd2 by sandykins57
SM6rd2, a photo by sandykins57 on Flickr.


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SM6rd1heel by sandykins57
SM6rd1heel, a photo by sandykins57 on Flickr.


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My Christmas Socks

PC190004 by sandykins57
PC190004, a photo by sandykins57 on Flickr.

Do you have your pair ready for the weekend? I finished mine yesterday and L's we done on Friday.


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Giving Thanks

The turkey has been roasted and eaten. The Packers just kicked the opening kickoff of the Packers-Lions game. There is so much that I am grateful for this year. Mostly, I'm grateful for my family. Grateful that they are so wonderful that I miss them terribly this time of year.

I'm off to watch the game and knit some socks. Carry on.

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Sock Yarn Swap

Last week, I received my swap package from Stickamera's Sock Yarn Exchange 3. In it was some scrumptious purple Opal yarn, a set of stitchmarkers, a beautiful package of napkins (I love me some designer napkins!) and some fruity flavor green tea (I needed to replenish my stock. How did you know?). The postmark was from Finland. Thanks so much, Canna!



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Absence makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

Have you all missed me? I've been working, A LOT and then making up for it by playing (meaning knitting. Oh, and spinning!) A LOT. Let's review, shall we...

August found me attending Stickläger (Knit Camp), sleeping in a cabin in the Swedish woods with some of my oldest and newest best friends! We knit with yarn, spun yarn and dyed yarn. We ate well, laughed (a lot!) and generally had a wonderful time for 4 days! I didn't want to leave and I want to go back! I actually spun some yarn on a spinning wheel for the very first time, while I was at camp.


After returning from camp, it was back to work, in earnest. There was a big project due (195 computers to order and prepare, along with all that goes with that) on October 1st, so I had to ask my mom to put off a visit at the end of September. It was a good thing I did because the project ran a couple of weeks late, as they often do.

September brought this:

Her name is Mia, she's my new spinning wheel, a Majacraft Rose, from New Zealand via Holland.

There was "WWSIPD", World Wide Spin In Public Day that found me hanging out and spinning on my spindle at a large shopping mall in Gothenburg. After that, I locked myself in my office at work and didn't come out until the computers were ready, the first week of October.


Work took up a lot of my time, but I did manage to fit in not one, but two (count them, TWO) trips to London. The first was to attend my friend's first book launch, Socktopus, 17 pairs of Socks Worth Showing Off. The second was to attend a silk spinning class being taught by Amy Singer (yes, THE Amy Singer, editor of Knitty) and to hang out with my friend, K, and her family. We also drove to Örebro to meet L's newest granddaughter (sorry, I don't have a picture handy).

November, so far:

I worked 2 days last week and took the rest of the week off. L was south, visiting with his children and grandchildren. Meanwhile, the dog and I drove up to Arvika, where we hung out with Annuska and some other knitters and spinners.

Well, lunch is over, so time to get back to work. I'll try to remember when I get home this evening to post about a swap package that I received last week!

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